About Us

Who We Are

Rabta Kar has been established with an objective of helping organizations, institutions، departments and individuals in achieving excellence, realizing their objectives and delivering high performance through providing support and facilitation in the form of access and linkages, technical assistance, capacity building management solutions and outreach. Rabta Kar provides its clients support and assistance in all parts of Pakistan through its grassroots presence, networking and linkages. Rabta Kar has been established by a group of professionals with an objective of facilitating people centered development through offering a complete range of technical and support services, access and linkages across Pakistan and management solutions to national and international civil society organizations, the private sector, local bodies, government agencies, individuals and donor supported projects at national and international level. Rabta Kar is a network of highly trained, committed and experienced development professionals, enriched with a blend of national and international exposure in corporate, development and public sectors. As a developmental institute, we provide services to the corporate, public and development, sector/NGOs. The unique feature of Rabta Kar is its team of skilled professionals having vast experience of development, corporate and public sector development and extensive out reach in all parts of Pakistan.


Rabta Kar believes in working with client agency and not for them. This works because the process uses the accumulated experience of the clients’ agency and strategically combines it with Rabta Kar experience. Through this synergistic team work, Rabta Kar is able to evolve practical, cost effective and applicable solutions. We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work.


Rabta Kar has a resource base of experienced, multi-cultural professional consultants, trainers and facilitators with degrees in various disciplines raging over the whole spectrum of development. Rabta Kar has a group of full-time professionals with work experience ranging from 10 to 25 years. It also has a large resource person pool of professionals in various disciplines who can be recruited as per requirement. As part of ongoing learning process, Rabta Kar professionals have undergone training and coaching in gender, development, rights-based approach (RBA), participatory rural appraisal PRA), organizations development and management, appreciative inquiry, process consultancy, social audits and financial reviews and participatory monitoring and evaluation.

Our Team

Rabta Kar has a core team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. This team is supported by a pool of experts in different fields from parts of the Pakistan. The Rabta Kar core is team includes following members:


Aftab has more than fiften years’ working experience in development sector. Out of this, twelve years’ working experience is at senior management positions in different national and international organizations. His areas of expertise include Programme Design and Implementation, Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Assessments and Reviews and Project Management. Along with working at senior level management positions in different national and international organizations, he has also worked as consultant on different assignments aimed at conducting assessments and evaluations of various donor funded projects in all parts of the country. His assignments have included baselines, midterm reviews, final evaluations and organizational capacity assessments. He also has experience of managing large scale donor funded projects. In his different assignments, I have been responsible for providing strategic direction, development and implementation of organizational polices and frameworks, resource mobilization, developing linkages and partnerships with stakeholders, providing leadership in programmes and operational management to ensure cost effective, timely and specification compliant programmes delivery. He has experience of implementing projects funded by MOFA Netherlands, EU, DFID, UNICEF, USAID, UNWOMEN, UNOCHA, Urgent Action Fund, Open Society Institute and Refugee Action


Noshaba is globally acknowledged and respected gender specialist. She has worked with several national international organizations including USAID, PLAN, OXFAM and UNDP on international and national assignments related to gender. She has in-depth understanding and clarity of gender dynamics and women empowerment issues at local, national and regional level, especially in humanitarian settings, She has thorough understanding of, and commitment to, gender equality with knowledge of relevant international and national gender and human rights instruments, conventions and legislation. Her expertise include: Gender responsive policy formulation, strategy design and governance mechanisms, Developing and interpreting monitoring results of gender-sensitive indicators, Gender responsive budgeting (GRB) and application of gender analysis frameworks, Capacity building on variety of gender approaches, tools and mechanism, Gender learning reviews, impact assessment & evaluation, Gender responsive project management, Safe programming in emergency response, Gender Responsive Community Development, Strategizing to combat sexual and Gender Based Violence, Liaison , networking and interacting with diverse stakeholders, i.e. government, UN agencies and I/NGOs, communities/ right holders


Zubair Kayani is a senior development scientist with more than 24 years of experience in financial management, training specialist on governance and leadership, organization development, funding and resource mobilization, project management and monitoring and evaluation. Mr. Kayani served for 14 years as Head of Finance, Admin and Internal audit for SPO, served 7 years as Technical Advisor Finance, OD and Governance, Interact Worldwide (IWW) UK, served 2 years as master trainer for Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) a UK based INGO and 4 years as Director Finance and Compliance USAID Agribusiness Project. He is Chairperson SAK Development and Managing Director of Brilliance School System (a project of SAK Development) from 2008. Mr. Kayani is also member of board of director (treasure) for Pakistan Collation for Education (PCE) and Member BoD and Chairperson Audit Committee Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP). Mr. Kayani holds an MBA with a specialization in Finance and HRD from University Institute of Management Sciences, Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He also has a master degree in Economics from the Punjab University Lahore.


Nidal is a development Specialist and Program Manager, she is skilled in the design, procurement and management of education projects, with particular expertise in early grade reading, enhanced linkages between higher education and labor market demands, non-formal skills training and workforce development for youth, inclusive education, and gender equity and other aspects of equitable access to education. Coordination with stakeholders, including host country governments and other development partners, policy development, technical advising, strategic planning, budgeting, and the monitoring and evaluation of education activities. She is skilled in strategic planning and policy and has led and contributed to policy dialogue with the government of Pakistan and provincial governments on key issues around Early Childhood Development, quality of basic education, skills development and employability and tertiary education. She has designed evaluation statements of work and assisted contracted evaluators. Oversaw evaluation fieldwork of programs and contributed substantive feedback to strengthen quality of final evaluation reports. She has designed the scope of work and led a study to inform the needs, challenges and constraints faced by women in securing better opportunities in higher education and job placements.


Mir Anwar Shahzad Mir Anwar Shahzad is a program management specialist working in development sector since November 2009. He has experience of working on many major projects with numerous national and international organizations. His areas of expertise are Project Planning, Project Monitoring, Project Management, Human Rights especially Child Rights, Proposal Development, Financial Reporting and Financial Controls and Resource Mobilization. He has experience of working with key vulnerable populations in Tameer Project (An EC funded project for prevention of HIV & AIDS in the country 2003-2008). He has supervised 34 small grant projects in all provinces of Pakistan. Following thematic areas were included in the small grants, Injecting Drug Users, Jail Inmates, Out of school youth, Truckers, Female Sex Workers, Transgender, Men having sex with Men etc. He has 8 years of development sector experience working at different roles and responsibilities.


Badar is an AVR Specialist. He has over 15 years’ experience on a senior managerial position as Manager Assisted Voluntary Return & Migration Projects. He has worked with the Caritas International Belgium, Caritas Augsburg Germany, Refugee Action UK and Dutch Refugee Council Netherlands. He has facilitated volunteer and non-volunteer Pakistani individuals and families to return to home country and supported them for their reintegration in Pakistan. He has experience of assisting Pakistani nationals detained in different centers of UK the through psycho socio support and helped them in their safe return to their homes. Represented his organizations in several countries including UK, EU, and UAE. He has also managed and accomplished as head AVR and forced migrant’s projects with Refugee Action and the Home Office UK respectively.


Mahwish is a result driven, committed & articulate highly effective trainer and educational management professional active in development sector since 2018. She specializing in giving consultations on education, child protection, psychosocial support, quality management, entrepreneurship and employee training. She offers an array of skills in staff development, mentoring, coaching, sustaining professional relationships, verbal and written communication, logical problem solving, effective training delivery techniques, and cost reduction. She has got proven ability to seamlessly handle multiple assignments in dynamic environments. Designing multitudinous campaigns & trainings based on mainly Social Sector, Education, Healthcare & various other administrational components of an organization. She has ability to build innovative programs and coursework that foster learning and meet the needs of a diverse group. A healthy past track record of managing & training the collective group of professionals that includes principals, teachers and other education professionals.